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Acne cyst injections

istock 1290199623 When patients deal with severe acne, they are often dealing with problems such as cysts and nodules. Acne itself can be a frustrating condition for many, but the development of large pimples can often be painful and affect one’s appearance and confidence. With cyst injections at NaturallYou, patients can have these growths injected to relieve pain and reduce the size of the acne cyst quickly and easily in the office. 

What is injected into acne cysts to reduce them? 

Acne cysts are often injected with a corticosteroid after the skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic. The diluted corticosteroid drastically reduces the size of the acne cyst within 24 hours with an injection that takes just a few seconds. Our provider knows how much cortisone to inject into the area for the best results. 

When can I treat an acne cyst? 

Patients who develop the occasional acne cyst will often see the early signs of one forming. This is when patients can call the office to schedule an appointment, either that same day or the following business day. Terry Conrad APRN can inject the cyst at this point to avoid it becoming larger and reduce it before it becomes more of a concern. Individuals who deal with acne cysts on a regular basis may want to speak to our provider about  long-term treatment plans to reduce or eliminate acne issues with a proper skincare routine. Additionally, patients with moderate to severe acne may also benefit from adding in light-based therapies that are known to work well for acne, such as photodynamic therapy in conjunction with prescription-strength creams and medications. 

Who can benefit from cyst injections? 

Any patient with the occasional cyst who wants to address its appearance and discomfort can benefit from corticosteroid injections at NaturallYou in Greenwich, CT. 

Call NaturallYou for medical and cosmetic services 

Greenwich, CT area patients who are looking to work with a provider at NaturallYou to determine if they could benefit from cyst injections are strongly encouraged to call (203) 340-9998 to request a consultation visit with Terry Conrad, APRN. The office is located at 40 E. Putnam Ave. and accepts new patients.   

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