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What is BodyTone and how can it work to sculpt the muscles?

Very muscular and sexy torso of young man with copy space Patients who are considering treatments for their body may instantly think that a visit to the plastic surgeon is necessary. However, thanks to continued technological advances in medicine today, patients now have other options available to them. At NaturallYou, our med spa is pleased to offer some of these modern modalities for improving one’s appearance. While body contouring treatments that remove fat are in high demand, so are those that improve muscle tone. Our team is excited to offer a toning option for our patients called BodyTone. 

What is BodyTone and how does it work? 

BodyTone is a revolutionary way for patients to improve muscle tone, especially as they experience muscle deterioration as part of the aging process. Muscles grow stronger and larger as we grow, but around the age of 30, muscle mass loss begin to naturally occur. By undergoing the BodyTone treatment, patients can enjoy improved muscle ton without having to spend hours at the gym. This treatment uses bio-electric energy pulses that are targeted to specific muscles of the body to prevent muscle atrophy, strengthen, and resculpt the muscles of concern. The proprietary waveform patterns are used to change the size and shape of the muscle, providing as much as 20,000 muscle contractions within a period of 30 minutes—something that would be impossible to achieve at the weight bench! 

How much of a difference will I see? 

When patients use BodyTone regularly and maintain a healthy weight and diet, they will often see an increase in approximately 30% muscle development in the treated area. This is a dramatic change and can be very noticeable when patients are already within their idea weight range. It can eliminate time needed at the gym while combating natural muscle mass loss that occurs with age, allowing patients to look their best and feel confident in more revealing clothing. 

Ready to learn more about BodyTone? 

Contact the providers at NaturallYou to discuss your options when it comes to improving your appearance and contours. Our practice is located at 40 East Putnam Avenue in Greenwich, CT and accepts new and current patients who call (203) 340-9998 for an appointment.

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